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Advice on renovating your property from leading Colchester Estate Agents, Knight West.

With the New Year just around the corner, it’s common to start thinking about DIY around the home, or for some complete renovations and extensions. The New Year is all about change.
If you’re planning on refurbishing your property, or if you’ve perhaps bought a new property for the sole purpose of renovating it, then we’ve got some helpful advice to guide you through what can be an incredibly daunting prospect. 
Here are our tips on renovating a property:
  • 1. Setting a budget
This is the most important step to take before planning any renovation work – how much can you actually afford to invest in your renovation project? The majority of people end up going over budget during any sort of building project, often due to unexpected expenses that can arise. It’s advisable to be as generous as you can afford to be when it comes to budgeting, but keep it sensible and realistic.
  • 2. Think about how you’re going to get the work done?
Are you going to carry out the majority of the work yourself to save money? Will you be hiring professionals every single step of the way? Or perhaps you’ll leave the big jobs to the professionals, then put on the finishing touches and decorate yourself? Whichever you decide, weigh up the pros and cons. If you can afford to leave all of the work to a professional, then it can be a great way to minimize stress and get everything done in a time effective manner. However, keep an eye on your budget!
  • 3. How can you add more value to a property?
The main factor that comes into play when valuing a property is it’s square footage – if you have potential to increase this by adding a conservatory or extension, then we’d seriously recommend considering this. Think about which rooms would add more value to a home – bedrooms are an obvious contender. Modern bathrooms and kitchens are well-known for adding value to a home too.
  • 4. Think about why you’re renovating?
Are you planning on selling straight after you’ve finished renovating your property? Or are you renovating your home in view of living there for the foreseeable future? The answer to this can help make you some of the major decisions about fittings and furnishings. You might consider investing a little more into items such as carpets or built-in kitchen appliances if you’re thinking of staying in your property.
  • 5. Start small – but think big!
There’s no harm in being ambitious with your project, and having an end goal in mind. But start small! If you’ve never organised renovation on a property before, you could soon start feeling overwhelmed by the whole process if you rush straight into the deep end. Start small and make steps towards reaching your end goal.
Good luck with your renovations! If you’re considering property renovation as your next project, and are looking for the perfect ‘fixer-upper’ take a look through our latest listings here.
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